Why use Reverse Osmosis?


Just when you think you do not use much water, you find yourself cooking with bottled water.

Everything from washing the salad, to simmering those finger-licking delicacies, cooking today is an integral part of evening life. Reverse Osmosis water helps your food cook faster, without any salt. The only salt you will add to your food is yours!

Drinks and Beverages


Drinks might not amount to as much water usage as you might think! How many times have you made Koolaid, or lemonade or any other concentrate beverage that requires you to add water. That is almost an average of 4 gallons of water per month for a family of 4!



Family Health

An average family spends $1455 in family hygiene not including any prescription costs. These health costs can multiply drastically if your living conditions do not trigger additional expenses. You can eliminate these costs by having safe living environment for your kids in the house, one of which is provision of healthy drinking water and softwater.

Family Care
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 Why use a Softener/Conditioner?


Although a once-a-week chore for most households, next to your soap and moisturizer list, you may very well add the cost of laundry detergent, fabric softener and other cleaning products. Fabrics washed with soft water feel, clean better and last much longer.


Bath & Hygiene

Although very few families realize the toll that hard water takes on their skin - simply put - it means more soap, more body wash, more shampoo, conditioner. Well you get the point! More expenses in skin care means more hidden costs!

If skin care is so vital, soft water will help you eliminate excess buildup of dead skin cells and thereby keep it more fresh and healthy feeling.

Bath & Hygiene

Sinks & Tubs

Have you noticed a thick cruddy residue on the bath tubs and around kitchen sinks? Those stains are caused by the minerals in the hard water which leave a thick white residue around faucets and sinks. This means additional or more usage of cleaning chemicals and expense of cleaning supplies. If this is how your tubs and sinks feel and look, imagine what it does to your hair and skin!

Plumbing and appliances last longer - less spotting on glassware and silverware.


Above you saw how hard water can raise so many issues with your day-to-day living. This hardwater eventually logdes all its salts in your system over a long period of time, causing gastrointestinal and/or other health problems for your family.

Remember "You can live without soft water, but its really hard!"